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iPad For Dummies
Bob LeVitus, iPad For Dummies

iPad For Dummies

In iPad For Dummies, you ll find easy-to-follow instructions on everything you need to operate your tablet with the skills of an iPad guru, we ve all been there. In this updated edition, you ll find out how to operate your iPad with ease, including setting up your new iPad, using the multi-touch interface, synching your data, using iCloud, setting up your iTunes account, surfing the web, accessing your email account, and navigating iOS 10, set up and use your iPad like a boss.

The latest iPad is loaded with features and functions you ll be eager to explore, and this full-color guide makes it a breeze, and seriously, you spent a lot of money on your new device, so why not get the plain-English guidance you need to maximize its performance and capabilities. Set up your iPad preferences Connect with family and friends with iMessage and FaceTime Capture and create memories with photos and videos Keep your day on track with the calendar, reminders, and more Whether you ve just purchased your first iPad or have been an avid supporter since the product s launch, iPad For Dummies keeps you up to date on the features and functions of the latest model, when your coworkers or friends attempt to explain the latest functions and features of the iPad, do you feel as if they re speaking a foreign language.

Автор: Bob LeVitus.
Жанр книги: Компьютеры, программы.
Объем: 387 стр.
Возрастное ограничение: 0+
Общее кол-во страниц: 387
Правообладатель: John Wiley & Sons Limited

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