Bill Hinderman

Building Responsive Data Visualization for the Web
Bill Hinderman, Building Responsive Data Visualization for the Web

Building Responsive Data Visualization for the Web

Examine the hard data surrounding responsive design Master best practices with hands-on exercises Learn data-based document manipulation using D3. js Adapt your current strategies to responsive workflows Data is growing exponentially, and the need to visualize it in any context has become crucial, these strategies are designed to be implemented by teams large and small, with varying skill sets, so you can apply these concepts and skills to your project right away.

Unchain your data from the desktop with responsive visualizations Building Responsive Data Visualization for the Web is a handbook for any front-end development team needing a framework for integrating responsive web design into the current workflow, this book shows you how to incorporate these principles into your current practices, with highly practical hands-on training.

Applying these ideas to data produces visualizations that always look as if they were designed specifically for the device through which they are viewed, written by a leading industry expert and design lead at Starbase Go, this book provides a wealth of information and practical guidance from the perspective of a real-world designer. Responsive web design is the practice of building a website to suit base browser capability, then adding features that enhance the experience based on the user s device s capabilities, if you re ready to create more accessible, take-anywhere visualizations, Building Responsive Data Visualization for the Web is your tailor-made solution.

You ll walk through the process of building data visualizations responsively as you learn best practices that build upon responsive web design principles, and get the hands-on practice you need with exercises, examples, and source code provided in every chapter, traditional visualizations allow important data to become lost when viewed on a small screen, and the web traffic speaks for itself – viewers repeatedly demonstrate their preference for responsive design.

Автор: Bill Hinderman.
Жанр книги: Компьютеры, программы.
Объем: 510 стр. 395 иллюстраций
Возрастное ограничение: 0+
Правообладатель: John Wiley & Sons Limited

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