Tim Brick

Sharmuziks: Beyond the Great Glad
Tim Brick, Sharmuziks: Beyond the Great Glad

Sharmuziks: Beyond the Great Glad

This book tells about the story of five friends who decided to challenge their fears and do what no one could do – go on an adventurous expedition to find out if there are any other sharmuziks besides them, moreover, what hidden beyond the Great Glade. Sharmuziks from the Shmur are very shy creatures and have many different fears, the first Shmur expedition beyond the Great Glade has already begun.

They are afraid of heights, darkness, rain, but event more – they afraid to leave the city and go beyond the Great Glade, nobody ever dared to do it, but in one evening, everything changed.

Автор: Tim Brick.
Жанр книги: Для детей.
Объем: 130 стр.
Возрастное ограничение: 6+
Правообладатель: ЛитРес: Самиздат

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