Christopher Harrison S.

Make the Deal. Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions
Christopher Harrison S., Make the Deal. Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions

Make the Deal. Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions

Make the Deal brings it all together to show you how to run the table and come away with a win, in practice, it changes at the speed of light. A general overview of an acquisition agreement framework segues into a more detailed discussion of different deal structures, including stock sales, mergers, asset sales, and complex structures, giving you the information you need to know when each one applies best in practice, as a topic of study, M&A is constantly evolving.

You ll gain insight into real-world negotiations and the delicate balancing act that occurs as each party attempts to maximize value and minimize risk, and learn the potential pitfalls that can occur, instead of simply providing a list of strategies that have worked in the past, this book shows you why they worked, so you can tailor your strategy specifically to your next deal. A comprehensive introduction to today s M&A strategies Make the Deal is a direct and accessible guide to striking a powerful M&A deal, staying ahead of the market is the single most critical element of making the best deal, and the strategy that worked for one deal most likely won t work for the next.

Negotiation statistics and samples from actual contracts back the war stories throughout, and reinforce the idea that there s no single perfect solution, merging business, finance, and law, this insightful examination of M&A strategy is designed to help you understand M&A negotiations and the ways in which the final outcome affects your financial future.

Автор: Christopher Harrison S..
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