Bart Egnal

Leading Through Language. Choosing Words That Influence and Inspire
Bart Egnal, Leading Through Language. Choosing Words That Influence and Inspire

Leading Through Language. Choosing Words That Influence and Inspire

To be an effective leader, you must be brave enough to be the first to drop jargon in favor of simple, coherent language, trying to nail that BHAG. Become a more effective leader—cut the jargon and say what you mean Leveraging, strategizing. But good communication has the power to improve metrics in every area of an organization, all on a go forward basis.

Yet it s also everywhere, and using it can often seem like a mandatory requirement for anyone who wants to establish credibility in a professional workplace, unlocking human capital. This can be difficult if you ve spent years immersed in business culture, but Leading Through Language will show just how much you ve come to rely on jargon, why it s holding you back, and how to trim it away to more effectively convey information and ideas, opening the kimono.

Understand why jargon is reviled, yet ubiquitous Learn why business speak gets in the way of business Discover what kind of language influences and inspires others Convey ideas with clarity, energy, and conviction Approach all communication as an act of leadership Communication often falls by the wayside in favor of more measurable data-backed performance metrics, these are only a few examples of the jargon-ridden language that is too often the mainstay of business communication.

Leading Through Language is the business world s much-needed guide to true leadership communication, showing you how to eliminate idle talk and master compelling communication, jargon frustrates, confuses, and generally alienates listeners.

Автор: Bart Egnal.
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