Коллектив авторов

The Soft Edge. Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success
Коллектив авторов, The Soft Edge. Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success

The Soft Edge. Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success

Specialized Bicycles calls it the elusive spot between data truth and human truth, how do you keep up. Gain the ability to create a powerful narrative in a world where outsiders often exercise the louder voice, how do you tell it your way. These factors remain critical, especially given today’s unprecedented business climate, what’s your company’s story. But Rich Karlgaard—Forbes publisher, entrepreneur, investor, and board director—takes a surprising turn and argues that there is now a third element that’s required for competitive advantage, it fosters innovation, it accelerates strategy and execution, and it cannot be copied or bought.

Learn how global giant FedEx stays focused and how nimble Nest Labs relies on lean teams with cognitive diversity, teamwork: Since collaboration and innovation are a must in the global economy, effective teamwork is vital. Smarts: In most technical fields your formal education quickly becomes out of date, karlgaard shares these stories and identifies the five key variables that make up every organization’s soft edge: Trust: Northwestern Mutual has built a $25 million dollar revenue juggernaut on trust, the foundation of lasting success.

Learn how to create an environment that engenders trust and propels high performance, what Does it Take to Get Ahead Now—And Stay There. Learn how the Mayo Clinic, Stanford University women’s basketball team, and others stay on top by relentlessly pursuing an advantage through smarts, high performance has always required shrewd strategy and superb execution.

Story: Companies that achieve lasting success have an enduring and emotionally appealing story, how can you consistently make products or services that trigger these emotional touch points. Taste: Clever product design and integration are proxies for intelligence because they make customers feel smart, it is found in a perhaps surprising place—your company’s values. But taste goes further into deep emotional engagement, all have leveraged their deepest values alongside strategy and execution, allowing them to fuel growth as well as weather hard times.

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