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Switch Off. How to Find Calm in a Noisy World
Коллектив авторов, Switch Off. How to Find Calm in a Noisy World

Switch Off. How to Find Calm in a Noisy World

This book shows you why it s so important to slow down, and how it actually is possible in what can be a pressured and overwhelming world, the big question is, How. Switch Off shows you how to do just that, with expert guidance with you the whole way, a modern-day guide to slowing down in a fast paced world.

When we re all stuck in a cycle of demands and pressure it feels hard to prioritise slowing down, written by a health professional who has witnessed the impact of being constantly switched on both professionally and personally, this book gives you more than permission to disconnect – it gives you a real-world blueprint for taking the time that you need.

Whether you need a true vacation or just an uninterrupted cup of tea, you ll learn how to integrate the skills of slowing down into your life so you can do what you need, when you need it, choose how you use your time Stop feeling guilty for practising self-care Boost your energy and productivity levels Harness the power of perspective and focus Learn how to create an environment that supports your health and wellbeing From the executive needing time to contemplate big decisions, to the teenager closing their bedroom door to be alone, we all need time to disconnect.

Switch Off shows you how to take that sorely-needed time-out, how do we step back and find the time to take care of ourselves. This book shows you how to let go of the guilt, turn off the phone and step away to re-energise and re-focus, we all know about the benefits of slowing down and disconnecting: reduced stress, higher satisfaction, better performance, higher productivity, tighter focus, reduced depression and innumerable other positive health effects.

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