Steven Heller

Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer
Steven Heller, Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer

Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer

Learn how to think like a designer and approach projects systematically Discover the varied career options available within graphic design Gain insight from some of the leading designers in their fields Compile a portfolio optimized to your speciality of choice Graphic designers work appears in magazines, advertisements, video games, movies, exhibits, computer programs, packaging, corporate materials, and more, with an emphasis on portfolio requirements and job opportunities, this guide helps both students and individuals interested in entering the design field prepare for successful careers.

Begin your graphic design career now, with the guidance of industry experts Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer is a single source guide to the myriad of options available to those pursuing a graphic design career, interviews with leading designers like Michael Bierut, Stefan Sagmeister, and Mirko Ilic give readers an insider s perspective on career trajectory and a glimpse into everyday operations and inspirations at a variety of companies and firms.

Aspiring designers are sure to find their place in the industry, regardless of specific interests, design has become a multi-platform activity that involves aesthetic, creative, and technical expertise. Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer provides a roadmap and compass for the journey, which begins today, becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer shows readers that the field once known as graphic design is now richer and more inviting than ever before.

Автор: Steven Heller.
Жанр книги: Искусство.
Объем: 620 стр. 375 иллюстраций
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Правообладатель: John Wiley & Sons Limited

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