Bill Hughes

Samsung Galaxy S6 for Dummies
Bill Hughes, Samsung Galaxy S6 for Dummies

Samsung Galaxy S6 for Dummies

Built around the Android operating system, the Galaxy S 6 is so much more than a phone, it is a mobile device with endless capabilities, so why not explore and use that functionality, learning to use a new phone can be both difficult and frustrating. This extensive yet practical guide walks you through the most useful features of your new Samsung Galaxy S 6—and it shows you all the best tricks to getting the most out of your device, enter Samsung Galaxy S 6 For Dummies.

Samsung is the largest phone manufacturer in the world, so it s no wonder that its flagship smartphone products—the Galaxy S line—have made quite a splash, explore the capabilities of your Samsung Galaxy S 6 with this definitive guide. Set up and configure your new smartphone to fit your needs and preferences Review the phone s features and capabilities Access key functionality, such as texting, emailing, accessing the internet, using navigation, capturing photos and videos, social networking, watching movies, downloading apps, securing and synching your phone with your PC Expand the capabilities of your Samsung Galaxy S 6 by downloading new software upgrades Samsung Galaxy S 6 For Dummies clearly explains the features and capabilities of your new phone—and will have you up and running on your smartphone in no time, with confusing documentation and baffling support, the references provided by phone manufacturers can be intimidating.

Автор: Bill Hughes.
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